The Oberon Programming Language

The project was whimsically christened Oberon By Wirth who was fascinated by the accuracy and reliability of the space probe Voyager which passed the moon Oberon of planet Uranus at the time of conception of the new project
Taken from The Oberon System- User Guide and Programmer's Manual by Martin Reiser

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The Oberon programming language is developed at
Eidegnossishe Technische Hocsshule Zurich (or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in 1988, by Niklaus Wirth. Having an obsession with simplicity Wirth decided to include much of Pascal's syntax, while incorporating many of the object oriented features of Modula-2 (both of these languages were also created by Wirth). Oberon is considered to be heir to Modula-2. Wirth'sgoal was to create a language that was exstensable and flexible. The result was a full object oriented language that was fit to accompany further development of Cres workstations.

Significant Language Features

Areas of Application

Sample Programs

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(ETH = The Swiss Inst. of Tech.)

Printed References

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