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Ackermann's Function in Miranda

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The Ackermann function is the simplest example of a well-defined total function which is computable but not primitive recursive.  The function f(x) = A(x, x) grows much faster than polynomials or exponentials. The definition is:

        1. If x = 0 then  A(x, y) = y + 1
        2. If y = 0 then  A(x, y) = A(x-1, 1)
        3. Otherwise,     A(x, y) = A(x-1, A(x, y-1))

This example implements Ackermann's function in Miranda.

Source Code

ack 0 n = n+1
ack (m+1) 0 = ack m 1
ack (m+1) (n+1) = ack m(ack (m+1) n)

Program Notes

Due to the unavailability of a Miranda compiler, an executable program is not available. 
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